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1 Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford QB Georgia- Lions get their franchise QB to build around

2 Kansas City Chiefs- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma- Chiefs also get their franchise QB to build around

3 Cincinnati Bengals- Andre Smith OT Alabama- Bengals get a player to anchor their OL for the next 10-15 years

4 Oakland Raiders- Michael Oher OT Ole Mississippi- I think Al Davis finally gets it right with a bonafide superstar LT

5 St. Louis Rams- Eugene Monroe OT Virginia- St. Louis OL is in shambles and draft a man to help pick up the pieces

6 Seattle Seahawks- Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech- Seattle has one of the worst WR corps in the NFL

7 San Francisco 49ers- Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State- 49ers need a CB badly across Nate Clements

8 Houston Texans- Brian Orakpo DE Texas- Orakpo will stay in the state of Texas, and the Texans get a great pass rusher across Mario

9 San Diego Chargers- Terrence Cody DT Alabama- I believe if it fell like this they will trade down, but they badly need a young NT

10 Jacksonville Jaguars- James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State- Jacksonville cant go on with Mike Peterson, and Maualuga doesn't fit the 4-3

11 Cleveland Browns- Chris Wells RB Ohio State- Very injury prone. Could be the biggest boom-bust prospect in a while with the injuries

12 Buffalo Bills- Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech- Also a big boom-bust prospect, but the Bills need a great pass rusher

13 Chicago Bears- Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri- It takes me a while to name a Bears WR outside Devin Hester who really isn't a pure WR

14 Green Bay Packers- Greg Hardy DE Ole Mississippi- Packers NEED a solid pass rusher after getting rid of the elder

15 New Orleans Saints- Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest- As much of a LOCK as I can predict, alot of you may not like this, SORRY

16 Minnesota Vikings- Cioron Black OT LSU- Minnesota needs a strong RT and they get it here

17 Philadelphia Eagles- Taylot Mays S USC- Great replacement for the veteran Brian Dawkins, again alot amy not like this pick SORRY

18 Denver Broncos- William Moore S Missouri- Broncos S are bad, almost blew the game for us if Roddy holds on to that catch <_<

19 Miami Dolphins- Vontae Davis CB Illinois- Is ALOT better than this position indicates but falls because of needs, recently BENCHED

20 Atlanta Falcons- Everette Brown DE FSU- We finally get a PURE SACK ARTIST to wreck havoc across form JA55

21 New England Patriots- Rey Maualuga ILB USC- IMO will fall because of his lack of speed and block shedding ability

22 Indianapolis Colts- Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn- Colts BADLY need a run stopper

23 Washington Redskins- Tyson Jackson DE LSU- A perfect match for each other

24 Baltimore Ravens- Darrius Heyward-Bey- Baltimore badly needs a No. 1 option for Flacco

25 Detroit Lions (from Dallas)- Jason Smith OT Baylor- No. 1 option in the second tier of OT's

26 New York Jets- Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia- Finally get a potential star at RB

27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Percy Harvin WR Florida- Tampa needs a playmaker, as bad as i want it not to happen

28 Arizona Cardinals- Alex Mack C Cal- Arizona badly needs a C

29 Pittsburgh Steelers- Duke Robinson G Oklahoma- Steelers sure up the OL with this pick

30 Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina)- Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma- LJ Smith has butterfingers, but is also a FA

31 New York Giants- Brian Cushing OLB USC- I think this is also a lock

32 Tennessee Titans- D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt- Tennessee needs a CB opposite Courtland Finnegan

FA Signings:

SS Sean Jones- We get a SS perfect for our scheme, also from UGA

CB Chris Gamble- We also get the prototypical CB for our scheme

TE Leonard Pope- Great red zone threat and UGA grad, also great blocker

Falcons Draft:

1- Everette Brown DE FSU- As previously stated we get a pass rushing DE, also comes from FSU, a pro player factory

2- Gerald McRath OLB Southern Mississippi- Replacement for Brooking, cut right ftom the Boley mold

3- B.J. Raji DT Boston College- We gat a well needed NT

4- Eric Wood C Louisville- Nitty gritty C for our old school team

5- Brandon James RS Florida- Elite RS and could be a big threat in situations on offense

5- Randy Phillips S Miami- Miami S have done great in NFL and this could be a big sleeper

7- Todd Boeckman QB Ohio State- Potentially great backup for Matt and if lucky we might have another Schaub situation

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i still dont think cody should go in tha first, but i can see that happening. I also dont think Maclin goes to Chicago. They need a receiver, but i dont think he's tha right fit for them.

as for our draft, Raji should go 2nd round and i just think McRath is too slim to play in this defense. I dont wanna get too much like Indy.

good job though.

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soooooo are you saying that Jamaal plays DE on running downs and Everette plays DE on passing downs????Orrrrr are you saying that Jamaal plays UT full time and Everette play LE full time?

Everette isn't a LE, he can't play there, he'd be a pass rush specialist only. I love the guy, and he'd take over for Abe wonderfully once Abe is done in a few years. But Brown wouldn't be our starting LE, he'd be our 3rd and long RE/LE with Abe opposite and Jamaal at UT.

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Everette isn't a LE, he can't play there, he'd be a pass rush specialist only. I love the guy, and he'd take over for Abe wonderfully once Abe is done in a few years. But Brown wouldn't be our starting LE, he'd be our 3rd and long RE/LE with Abe opposite and Jamaal at UT.

exactly. he would be abe's backup and would be able to play opposite abe on passing downs with jamaal and babs rushing the passer from the DT spot. what an AMAZING rush that defensive line would get... im salivating.

and terrence cody will not sniff the top 10 this year, not even CLOSE. if he even declares (which i dont think he will) i dont think hed go in the first round at all, maybe not even the top 40-50.

-Mr. Offseason

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