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Credo Mobile: Liberal Phone Service


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"Progressives" have their own reality, why shouldn't they have their own phone service? Simpers CREDO Mobile CEO Laura Scher:

It was the greed-is-good 1980s. Gordon Gekko, and all that. A lot of my friends got out of college and headed straight to Wall Street. But I wanted something different — or rather, I wanted to make a difference.

So to punish the fictional Gekko and the capitalist system Oliver Stone used him to so cartoonishly misrepresent, Scher founded Working Assets, a commie company that has now produced CREDO,

an innovative long distance service where 1% of your charges goes to progressive nonprofits you vote on, your bill serves as a progressive newsletter and your phone company as a progressive lobby.

Beneficiaries include the ACLU, Greenpeace, and Planned Parenthood. Take that, 1980s!

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