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Michael Jenkins contract


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I heard that the falcons are negotiating with Jenkins reps..... Well Greg Camarillo just signed a 3 year $6 million contract.... Michael Jenkins contract has to be in that 2 million a year range......... Maybe 4 year $8.5 million

Greg Camarillo stats: 538 receiving yards and 1 TD

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they want him long term they said.

I would guess something like 5 years, 20 million...about 5-7 guaranteed. A good chunk of that would be back loaded to make him expendable or to re-negotiate after 3 years.

IMO Camarillo isnt as good as Jenkins.

I would be pissed if we signed jenkins to a 4 million a year........ Jenkins is a good player to have but not 4 million a year...... If Jenkins hit the freeagency..,. I can guarantee you no team will pay jenkins 4 million a year........ everybody thought Bryant Johnson would get a big time deal.... Well dude got a 1 year $2million contract......Stat wise.... Bryant Johnson is better then Jenkins

I want us to sign Jenkins but to a 5 year $12 million.... 5 million guaranteed at the most

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