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So, I've got the rock


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Just remember...No matter who beautiful and perfect she is...somebody, somewhere is tired of her ****... :lol:

seriously, good luck...I remember how nervous I was when I asked my wife to marry me. I also remember all of the friendly advice I received before I proposed...things like "Run" and "Don't Do It"...all of the guys who swore up and down how much they regretted their choices, etc. All I can tell you is that we've been married just over 9 years now, and I couldn't be happier. We're not the Rockefellers, in fact we're probably poor as church mice...but I don't, for one second, regret being married to her. Truth beknown, most of the guys who tell you to run, don't regret being married to their wives either... :P :lol:

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Yay for you! I love being married. Congrats. Why wait until Wednesday, though?

Well...That's a good question. I'd rather do it sooner, but both of our families will be in Memphis (coincidence) over Thanksgiving to see our families. I am now trying to decide whether to propose to her in a creative way in front of her family, or take her to the roof of her hotel (she's staying in DT Memphis) and do something there.

She's finishing up nursing school, and isn't here on the weekdays, she will be in Atlanta this weekend, but I can't think of the right place here to do it.

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