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Good Writers Wanted!


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Here me out please. First of all I am a part time web-designer and a very good one. But when it comes to writing articles etc. I am not worth a chit at it.

I am in the process of building a new site that will be totally GA Sports related. From the pros here in GA to college and high school. The site will have a message forum, team merchandise auction (sell and buy your stuff) and blogs for each major GA Sports venue. I am looking for good writers to blog regularly. You will get paid to blog. There will be just one blog for each and one blogger that takes care of his/her blog. I will go over all details with you lator.

The site is not ready yet but very close. If your interested then PM me with 3 choices that you would like to blog regularly about. Number 1 being your top choice and on down. I can only pick one person for each blog type so list 3 that you would like to do along with why you would be good at it.

Heres the blog list to choose from.

1. Atlanta Falcons

2. Atlanta Braves

3. Hawks

4 Thrashers

5 GA Force

6. GA Bulldogs

7. Ga Tech Yellow Jackets

8. High school - This will be everything from football to wrestling.

9. Youth sports.

Thats the list. In time we may even add more. If your not going to be committed then don't bother. Blogging regularly takes time so don't pm me unless you are sure you would enjoy doing this. I will tell you how you will get paid etc in your PM.

PS. I can only pick one person for each type so please be sure you could do any of the 3 that you reply to me about. This will help me with getting all the pieces into the puzzle.

Thanks all!

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