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Along with the fact that I'm not sure how to spell evolve (I went to GA public schools, so dont blame me), I was wondering if our offense might begin to look more like the Colts of the past 5-6 years. I know its not exactly Mularkey's style but the talent certainly leans that way. Let me explain with a breakdown that cant possibly be as clever as I think it is:

Peyton Manning = Matty Ice

Matts got Peyton's arm, leadership, and intelligence. Listen to people when they talk about Ryan, who do they compare him to: Manning. Could he direct a "check with me" no-huddle offense by this time next year? I think so. Also, like Manning, Ryan can elevate the play of those around him. Look at the wonders he's done for Roddy (who has become a #1) and Jenks (quickly becoming a solid #2).

Edgerrin James/Addai = Turner+Norwood

Here's where we come with an edge on the Colts. We have Turner who like James is a slasher with power and the speed to occasionally break the big one. BUT we also have Norwood who can move from backfield to slot to wildcat without missing a beat.

M. Harrison = Roddy White

Ok, Marvin is showing his age now but for 5-6 years he and Peyton were the connection. Over the next few years, as Matt has experience and Roddy enters his prime they might evolve(there's that word again ^_^ ) a similar relationship.

R. Wayne = M. Jenkins

Ok, Jenks IS NOT as good as Wayne. I played and coached football, I recognize they aren't on the same level. However, Wayne before breaking out a year or two ago was mainly second fiddle to Harrison. His numbers inflated by Peyton throwing it all over the yard. And if Jenkins can give us a solid #2 option, we'll have a #1 and #2 for the first time in well. . . I dont remebers the last time.

Stokely = HD

You can already see it cant you? Teams determined to cover Roddy and stop Turner, allowing HD to terrorize happless S's who are forced to cover him.

Dallas Clark= ?

Maybe we need to address that this offseason.

Solid Oline with Dept:

Were halfway there! Weve got solid talent across the starting line, now we just need to add depth.

Just a thought. Any opinions? Who'm I kidding? O ;) n this board there have to be opinions!

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I think this is not a bad comparison. We may not be at the same level, but a hybrid between that offense, and the saints (with a similar QB in brees, and a pass catching back) would be solid.

To truly implement it we would need another #1 receiver (Jenkins, who is getting better, simply can't perform the function of Wayne or Harrison, who are both 1's), a TE, and a little more OL.

I think that's the direction of this offense. That would open our run game up immensely, because the pass is so hard to defend. With a good TE, and mauler RT and a second 1 receiver, we'd be there.

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This is not a bad comparison. We can only glean from stats and some emperical evidence where Ryan is comparatively in his development to Manning. At his best, Manning appears to be in complete control of everything that is happening on the football field and can pretty much pull the strings he wants pulled to get accomplished what he needs to get accomplished. Can Ryan become that...? That's the big question. While he's had an extraordinarily successful rookie season, it's a big jump to go from quality NFL QB (which Ryan is now) to prolific.

Where the Falcons seem to be in their development is that teams still seem to rather take their chances in stopping Turner versus Ryan. Ryan is taking advantage of this alot of the time, but not all the time and the level of competition still dictates his level of success it seems. Manning at his best can consistently beat any scheme or personnel (2008 has not been an 'at his best' year).

While I like our run game combination, I worry about being able to keep Norwood. Much like the Chargers knew they would lose Turner, are we in the same boat with Norwood? I think the chances of Norwood being tabbed a feature back are less than what Turner's were, but I still think it's a possibility.

As for Harrison versus White...again, at his best, Harrison caught everything, and he caught it everywhere. He was a deep threat, and intermediate threat, and over the middle threat. There wasn't a part of the field he couldn't hurt you from. While White has brought his game to a Pro-Bowl level, Harrison was a constant on All-Pro teams. It's a significant jump. That said, a key to being able to make that jump is stability and chemistry of which Ryan and White hope they can build on.

2008 has been Jenkins best year by far. He seems to be finally comfortable with his role and how he contributes in the offensive game plan and philosophy. Like you mention though, he is no Reggie Wayne. But, I think we could lock him up long term rather reasonably and he's young enough to develop into a consistent 800-900 yard/year threat which is ideal from your #2 (especially given his blocking ability).

You mention the comparison between HD & Stokely (or now Gonzalez). I can't agree here...1) one of the reasons why the #3 WR weapon has been so valuable for Manning is because of the 1-2 punch of Harrison/Wayne. Notice how that with Marvin in decline, the #3 WR (Gonzalez) has not been as productive. 2) Douglas is only a rookie. Last year at this time, we all thought Laurent Robinson was going to be our #2. Point being - I need to see more from Douglas before stating I feel comfortable with him in that role long term.

Before Dallas Clark, Manning had Marcus Pollard. Clark is obviously more of a weapon, but the trend with Manning is this. He's just as dangerous making his 4th read as he is his 1st or 2nd. I believe Ryan has this ability, but it's still raw. Where this ability is absolutely crucial is in the red zone, and to me that's the biggest area of development for Ryan. If he can start to become proficient from the 20 - G, then he's absolutely deadly.

As for O-Line, we've made great strides here, but one player said it best "Ryan makes that line better than they are"...I think this is true. Ryan's awareness is so refined already that he simply knows when he has to get rid of the ball or where he needs to slide in and around the pocket to get out of danger while keeping his eyes downfield.

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