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Getting some love from the Sunday Countdown Crew


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I didn't realize we would have the odds that we do after last week. I thought they all hated us again now. lol

I think we are all surprised but I'm not complaining. I find it pretty remarkable that despite losing to the broncos at home, we are being picked to beat the panthers. I think one reason might be because how TERRIBLE and i do mean TERRIBLE delhomme has been playing. He is a joke. I will be embarrassed if we allow these losers to come into the dome and beat us. Hopefully the loss has made the team want to beat them more than ever and considering some of the comments I've seen from them, they all realize how crucial we need this. I think it's safe to say our team wants this win much worse than the panthers.

I don't care if we lose the rest of our games this season, please let us beat the panthers. My #1 hated team and fanbase..right ahead of the cowgirls.

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