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Sarah Palin Needs A Real Publicist


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I've noticed a real decline in her hotness since the election has been ended....I really believe the rumors about the glam squad, makeup artists and 150 grand wardrobe..Now that she has to do her own hair and makeup she's back to looking all trailer trashy with the 80's pop metal groupie look again...She's looking like a 44 year hockey mom forreal now.


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Oh snap I just realized what that was.. They are slaughtering turkeys behind her...


I think she's just pirposely trying to get on the Daily Show now.. This stuff just keeps writing itself...

She was there to PARDON a turkey!! :lol:

WASILLA, ALASKA - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey Thursday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday but another turkey didn't fare as well.

The governor was being interviewed by a local television news station while the work of the Triple-D Farm and Hatchery continued.

That's when Governor Palin found herself in a less than desirable spot for the interview.

Just minutes after pardoning one turkey, a farm worker began processing another turkey just a few feet behind her, plainly visible in the background of the video.

Governor Palin was told by the photographer what was going on behind her and allowed the interview to continue.

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