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Falcons made a Foolish mistake cutting Brandon Miller! Unbelievable!


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Falcons really screwd up big time. As bad as we need some one with so much potential at DE. Brandon Miller is going to be a dominating DE for Mora in Seattle and the sad part is coach smith and TD know it but they didnt think anyone was watching the freak Brandon Miller. Well we have JA98. OMG

Ex-UGA defensive end Miller joins Seahawks


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flowery Branch — The Falcons were hoping to re-sign defensive end Brandon Miller to the practice squad, but he was claimed off waivers by Seattle on Wednesday.

Miller, a former University of Georgia player, took former Falcon Patrick Kerney’s spot on the roster. Kerney was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.


Panthers game may be key to Falcons' season

Falcons WR White still out of practice

Former UGA star Davis playing well for Panthers

• More Falcons

Defensive end Willie Evans, who spent training camp with the Falcons, was added to the practice squad.

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Guest WoodyPaige

Things like this have happened to me in Fantasy leagues before...You HOPE no one takes the player away from you and then some **** comes and claims him at the last second. :angry:

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Guest WoodyPaige

Oh no, the falcons will no longer be renamed to the Atlanta DA FUTURES because Brandon Miller is a Seahawk now. :o

Hey, there's still hope they might get Shockley involved in the wildcat rotation, or maybe he'll even get a shot to start next year after Ryan's sophomore slump! :rolleyes:

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Well here we go again. With ur imense knowledge why didnt the falcons just hire u? o ya thts right. u arent a NFL GM. TD is. my gosh. by this point u think yall would learn he knows wut the crap he is doing. same thing we said about tony taylor. did we need him? no. same thing we said about milner. did we need him? no. let TD do his job. he is imensely smarter than us and he, unlike u, watches this team every day.


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just like we blew our future by releasing Paul Carrington, Cole Magner, Tony Taylor, Jonte Buhl, etc........

everybody has thier personal undegdog favorite that captivated them with good play in preseason against 3rd stringers.

As long as we don't lose Kinoshita, I'm good. :D

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I am a die-hard UGA fan, but there is a line of reality and down right foolishness. u have crossed said line. JA is fine. u dont know wut u are talking about.

I'm a big Dawg fan myself and I agree. :rolleyes:

UGA homers (like the guy that started this whiny thread) need to grow up and learn to blur the lines of distinction between the college ranks and the pro ranks. When a player leaves UGA for the pros they aren't Dawgs anymore, that's simply it. So this blind loyalty that people have for players that once played for UGA needs to die. And just because Athens is 60 miles outside of Atlanta doesn't mean a dam* thing either.

Coach Smitty cut him for reasons that only he knows about.

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