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5 reasons why the Falcons will win this Sunday


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Here are my reasons why the Falcons will beat the Panthers this Sunday.

1. Jake Delhomme. His play of late has been atrocious. Granted he tried to test Asomugha and got burned in Oakland, but the Lions game is inexcusable. Back to back games under 100 yards? That's not gonna cut it Sunday against a much better Falcon team

2. Dominique Foxworth. The first game in Carolina, Muhsin Muhammad had a field day against the diminuative Brent Grimes. Since Foxworth's insertion, the Falcon's pass D has much improved statistically (only 250 against a pass happy Philly, negative yardage against Oakland, only 216 to pass happy Cutler who threw for over 400 the week before, and even though the Saints got over 400 yards, most of them were empty yards and they threw 3 picks). He will get his first pick this Sunday.

3. Home cookin'. Even though the Falcons lost at home last week, NFC South teams are 0-6 on the road in divisional games. The trend continues Sunday.

4. Our running game. What was a good run D early on when they shut us down, Norwood averaged 17 yards/carry, so he should get more touches this game. Over the last 2 weeks, they've allowed 147 and 130 rushing yards to the Raiders and Lions, respectively. We should be able to topple 200 this go 'round.

5. Matt Ryan, of course. He dropped back 41 times and only got sacked twice the first time with no INT's and has vastly improved since that game. Going back to point #4, Detroit and Oakland could have won if they had a hint of a passing game. That will definitely come into play this Sunday as being the key difference in the game. He won't go off, but I expect an efficient game where he would not have to throw more than 25 times and still get the job done.

Falcons 27

Panthers 17

P.S. Where are you Emmitt and your prognostimacationisms?

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