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Why isn't Grady dead?

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well if guys can live to weigh 700+ pounds i guess Grady can live to play at 350. It is very suprising though.

Grady is heavier than 350. He's the same height as my dad and Grady looks a lot bigger. My dad is 360 (the reason I spend 2 hours at the gym every morning before work). That man is 400 lbs if he's an ounce.

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Seriously. He defies science and nature. On top of morbid obesity. He plays a very demanding sport. And moreso, He was taking diuretics on top of that.

The guy is an animal.

you're about the biggest dumbazz on this board....why would you even bring that up...

Why are you even born...you defy science and nature with having two dads as birth parents

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Hey, none of us are going to live forever. He seems like he is happy and at peace with himself. Is it more important to eat celery everyday, run wind sprints and go to bed at 9 PM, just to tack on another 10 or 15 years of life? Sadly, those last years that alot of people hang on for are not the best years of your life. You can have the drooling from the mouth and sombody else having to wipe your butt -- give me the good life. I hope when Grady goes out he is having his last 'cheeseburger in paradise'.

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