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OK Folks This is It. If You Want A Division

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Since the NFC South was formed in 2002 no team has won the division with less than a 4-2 regular season division record. No team. None!

Right now we are 1-2. Yes. That means we will probably have to sweep the rest of our divison games to win the South.

I know it might sound impossible to you. But if we take it a game at a time it is definitely possible. DON'T GIVE UP ON THE DIVISION!!!!. Go Falcons!


Year Team Overall Division

2002 TB 12-4 4-2

2003 CAR 11-5 5-1

2004 ATL 11-5 4-2

2005 CAR 11-5 4-2

2006 NO 10-6 4-2

2007 TB 9-7 5-1

Right now the Panties that come in here Sunday are in first. We could pull to within one game if we put the hick'ry stick on em. Just Do It.

P.S. Notice that the total number of wins to take the division has continually dropped. 9-7 took it last year. We may only need to go 3-3 from here. But we need to go 3-0 in the South. It's possible with two at home in the Dome. Keep hope alive!

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Its definately possible to win the division. After all we went through last year as fans its good that we have a team we can actually support this year. Alot of folks say that we are reaching hoping for the playoffs, but at the begining of the year a 6-10 prediction was reaching.


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