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Very impressive stat about Roddy White


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Roddy has been money for us this year. Well really going back to the latter part of last year, Roddy stepped his game up and started to blossom into the receiver that we all hoped he would become. It seems to have rubbed off on Jenkins. It's amazing the attitude players have when they feel that they have a leader (ryan) that can win games no matter what the situation is. Players give their all and then some when they develop that type of chemistry with each other. Nobody wants to let the next player down . (accountability). That's why I was glad to see Roddy step up and take the responsibility for dropping a difficult, but catcheable ball. It showed a lot of class, humility and leadership. What was better than that was the fact that the other players on the team all rallied behind Roddy and showed support. This is the true making of a team that has each others back and wants to win. Great time to be a Falcon Fan!!! Now lets beat Carolina like they stole something!!! :D

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