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Grady Update


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Look, This whole issue is stupid. Dieuretics? come on...thats as bad as the Dallas coach that got fined and suspended for Viagra...Roger Goodell is a joke and has no buisness being in the position he is in. He is a power happy goofball with no real concept of what the game of football is about. He has been dragging the league down from dy one and its clear he has a bad case of favoritism or should I say pad my pocket syndrome? Either way....whenever I think of him in control it reminds me of putting a maid in charge of a rocket lab....all he cares about is how much money he can get in his pocket and if h can make the league look good doing it....so much the better. Do think these things are true? look at the way the whole Patriots cheating thing got so quickly brushed aside....the meager consquebces were nothing...when you consider a coach getting suspended for Viagra...lmao what a joke.

There are so many instances that show his true colors and total incompetance in serious issues , its pathetic. He has turned the NFL into the No Fun League that looks more and more like the WWF everyday...as for the deal with Grady...well he has a good chance of getting off as do the others if people start asking how Pacman can still play...which by the way from the most recent interview I saw today, it is likely he will be back with Dallas before very long....get the idea? Wanna know more? Why hasnt he even discussed a reasonable thought on the referee situation...these guys arent really accountable for screwing up...we are supposed to be talking about PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL...yet the ones responsible for the outcome of the game most of the time...arent even full time and what is punishment for gross negligent errors...might not get to postseason games...lol. They would probably rather be home in the warn comfort watching it on tv anyway...when was the last time anyone audited their bank accounts out of suspicion of payola? Seeing some of the games this year one might even think that it is all predetermined....and when you think about all the millions upon millions of dollars riding on every game...not to mention the ad revenues and endorsements and on and on....it should be scrutinized a lot more andserious steps taken to insure that isnt the case...or is it? Just a few thoughts to mull over.......

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