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who is your least favorite panther


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My least is steve smith.......and i think i would like to have him actually eaten by a panther.......starting with his toes..........slowly........

and just when he is about to kick the bucket........stick him in a vat of pudding............i dont know why......but i just think it would really suck to have your obituary say that you drowned in pudding.......very fitting for the very cocky mr smith......

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I don't wish death on anyone, nor any serious disease.

I hate the whole team and wish them a row of L's for the rest of the games this year.

I also wish Steve Smith would slip at least twice and cause losses in those games and drop the ball in the endzone in the last seconds to lose another.

I also wish Williams would take a net loss in at least 3 games coming up - including this Sunday.

I also wish Delhomo splits his pants at least once and has to eat hard biscuits for breakfast and has to look up at Abe's face at least 3 times this weekend.

I also wish John Fox would wear that scowl at the end of each game.

I also wish Julius Peppers would decide he wants to be a Falcon for the remainder of his career and comes here agreeing to a cut in pay.

I also wish the kick returner and punt returners suddenly develop a love for muffs. And act accordingly.

I also wish the bus would break down on the way to the airport after each game and they have to take the city bus to get there.

Oh yeah - and when Abe knocks Delhomo on his arse and then Jakie-poo reaches up for his hand - I hope he psyches him!

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wow lol..well I agree with Tandy on not wishing anything crazy like death or a disease...

BUT! I despise STEVE SMITH! he whines like a little baby..and he throws tantrums. I hope he gets several OPI calls and cries like he did last time. It would be great if he dropped a TD pass too!

Also, Dehlomme gets on my nerves too. I dont know who cries more...him or kitna!

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