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Why is Samuel L. Jackson so mad?


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No actor has ever played 'pissed off' like SLJ. It's unfortunate that he's been type cast for these roles, but as a fan, I never get tired of his work.

Best lines:

A time to Kill: "Yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in ****."

Pulp Fiction: The entire movie

The Negotiator: "You are not in control!"

In summation, I don't know why he's mad, but I'm glad he is, because it's awesome to watch.

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I turned that movie off at the 20 minute mark when I saw two people screwing in the lavatory and a snake bit the girl on her boob. I figured the movie climaxed, and flipped the channel.

i watched it all the way through, but only b/c it was samual jackson. anyone else and i wouldn't have even bothered.

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Sam Jackson...the epitome of COOL. He's made some duds in his career, but when you're the Hardest Working Man in Hollywood, you're bound to make a couple of stinkers. For the most part, his performances in the movies I've seen have been high quality. Some of the movies may have been bad, but it wasn't because of Sam... ;)

And yes...nobody in the business gets pissed off like Sammy Jackson...nobody. :P

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