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watever happened to the blowout everyone was predicting?

why cant the falcons abuse one of the nfl's worst defenses?

I have been nervous before every one of our losses this year and I knew something bad was going to happen. It figures that after all the media love we have gotten this weak, the falcons blow it. Really depressing.

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6-4 Now.. You doomsayers need to STFU. Nobody would've predicted that good a record before the season started. Panties come into town next week. I'd much rather win that game than this one!

I hate people who use this. The fact is we are better than we thought... we're beyond that and right now we are/were in the thick of the playoff hunt. That whole "nobody thought we'd be this good" is a LAME *** EXCUSE to use to defend a terrible loss.

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top wrs dont drop game winners

ask randy moss, to , burress etc...

how many games has he won for us with scores? you can't blame one guy for losing a game! This is the same BS treatment Fin got in 2002 for dropping a TD pass to green bay...

We had them on third and long twice and 3rd and Goal on that last drive and our defense layed over like a cheap whore....

We lost because of bad coaching calls, poor QB decisions, ineffetive blocking by the OL, stupid penalties, no pass rush, bad secondary play, poor tackling, ineffectiveness in the red zone, and big plays that didn't go our way on both sides of the ball....

to pin this loss on one person is not fair

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believe what you like. 3 straight run plays to start the game? 3 and out? dropped balls? yeah the refs were in there knocking the ball out of our hands with their mental abilities.

guessing you missed all the choke holds not being called on denvers scoring drives?

right, go watch game, and say refs had a part in screwing this game

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Its alright guys, i mean we were bound to have a hiccup game at home. We went up against a good AFC team and I always feel its better to lose to an AFC team rather than an NFC team. I also want to thank the incredible teams that played the other NFC south teams this week. Looks like we got a real tough road ahead of us now. I hope this team can bounce back and try to get running with this thing. We do need to get our defense in check on third downs. We give up way to many third down conversions, WAY TOO MANY. Bad i mean really bad week for us, but hopefully the rest of the games will be better. BTW i have weird reason the Cowboys will win cause when it looks bad for the Falcons, the Cowboys come to victory town. Sick weekend of football.

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