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Players not getting their fair due


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Coleman. The guy has 3 picks on the season guess what, that's top 10 in the league in interceptions. What was the Man-genius thinking? Obviously he took his genius cap off to let this cat walk.

Coleman has been not only gnabbing passes, but he's a force against the run, and doesn't get beat deep. He's a fantastic safety, not a big flash guy, but a lunchpail guy. That's what I've been drooling for. He may not be the ideal FS for most teams, but his range is undeniable. Milloy isn't the deep cover man, he's basically an additional linebacker out there, yet we're not giving up explosive plays, why's that, because Coleman is taking those away. When they tested Foxy early, and Houston early, guess who was there both times? Coleman, he just knows how to get where the ball is, that's impressive, that's what a Safety is supposed to do.

We may have a guy who will move to SS next year, and we can look to draft a big time FS, or we may like him there and we may go get another thumper to stick at SS and really have a fantastic secondary.

Here's to you Coleman!

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couldn't agree more he has been a fantastic pickup, people forgot that he had an amazing rookie season and then trailed off due to schemes and injuries, but he seems to have found that form and potential and as an added bonus, all of this for a small contract,especialy compared to guys like madieu williams.

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