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NFL Fantasy Draft?


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Imagine if the NFL, regardless of how unrealistic this will sound, had to start over and they held an NFL draft. It doesn't matter where you project your team to be, but what would your team look like? This is kind of like the Madden fantasy drafts except I want you to draft or think up of a team that is realistically possible to get in this situation and don't base it on how good they are in Madden. I'm just curious to see some results here.

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I always thought about this. It leads to pretty interesting discussion. I'd draft my team looking ahead to the future, so most of my guys would be younger.

It's hard to determine who would be available during the draft, but my team would look something like this:

QB: Matt Ryan

FB: (not sure)

RB: Earnest Graham, BenJarvus Green-Ellis (I wouldn't use a high pick on this position)

WR: Roddy White, Wes Welker, Eddie Royal

TE: (let me think about this one)

LT: Michael Roos

LG: Justin Blalock

C: Ryan Kalil (I think he's going to turn into a really solid C)

RG: Shawn Andrews

RT: David Stewart (give me the two underrated Titans' OTs)

I'll do the defense later, but my obvious focus on building an offense was to get a great QB for the future, and put him behind a beastly OL. Obviously Roddy White is emerging as a star in the league, so that helps the offense. I believe that any decent RB in the league can be successful with a great OL.

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I'd draft my entire DL first, then my OL, then my CBs, then my WRs, then my LBs/FB/TE, then my QB, then my HB. Then, the year after, when we have the 1st overall pick, I'd draft Colt McCoy. :)

OL: Joe Thomas-Todd Herremans-Jamaal Jackson-Shawn Andrews-Jake Long

DL: Mario Williams-Sedrick Ellis-Amobi Okoye-Elvis Dumervil

I hate the Eagles so much. :(

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I don't think you would be able to draft both Joe Thomas and Mario Williams on the same team. If it were to happen, I'm pretty sure Joe Thomas would go Top 10, and Mario Williams would surely be drafted right after. For my team, it would look something like this...

QB: Matt Ryan - Josh Johnson (I've always liked Johnson coming out of college, but I think he'll be a project for a really long time, but still a solid backup.)

HB: Michael Turner - Jerious Norwood

WR: Roddy White - Calvin Johnson

Kinda hard to think about it actually... so many possibilities and scenarios to think of.

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