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Some cool things I noticed Sunday Vs. Saints


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Lawyer Milloys black on black ferrari is bad a**

John Abraham and Jamaal Anderson arrived TOGETHER in a Challenger which i loved to see

Norwood showed up in some old car on like 26" rims ha

I saw Foxworth stop in the middle of running some pre-game sprints to run over and sign autographs for some young kids

Brent Grimes is not close to 5'10" maybe 5'7"

Jamaal Anderson is huge, He looks like he could easily be 6'8" no way is he only 6'6"

Saw Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on the Falcons sidelines, but he wasnt wearing any falcons gear <_<

didnt see grady come out to warm up at all... i think is warm up may just be a few pizzas haha

I loved to see Dimitroff, Blank and McKay all out on the field during warm ups.

Just a couple things i noticed on the sidelines that i figured hadnt been covered in the posts that u might like to know

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There's a video somewhere on YouTube of Norwood showing off that ride. It's awesome! :)

The thing about Grady's warm ups. I remember reading something about this last year, and couldn't help but wonder if it factored into Pestinko getting rid of him. He doesn't want or maybe even refuses to do warmups w/the rest of the team. He does a little, but not to the extent that the other guys do. In a way, I don't really like that, but in another way, I guess it's just Grady being Grady. It can't be that easy for a guy that big to do some of those stretches & what not. As long as it doesn't cause injury, I suppose it makes no difference.

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