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Madden Roster Update #11

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Off the top of my head, Turner, Norwood, Jenkins, Douglas, the ENTIRE O-line, Coleman, Foxworth, Houston and Jackson all deserve higher ratings.

Agreed. I believe a lot more will come in the next update, especially if we play well against the Broncos. And I'm sure Ryan will be a 90 overall by season's end.

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I truly believe that Domonique Foxworth, Michael Jenkins, Justin Blalock, Harvey Dahl, Tyson Clabo, and Ben Hartsock and Justin Peelle need some upgrades.

I'd rate them like this:

Domonique Foxworth - 85

Michael Jenkins - 83 (give or take)

Justin Blalock - 84

Harvey Dahl - 83

Tyson Clabo - 84

Ben Hartsock - 81 (better blocking)

Justin Peelle - 80 (better catching)

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EA went back to last weeks update this morning for some reason. So Jennings is back on the roster for online. I''m totally p'oed right now. They need to fix it back.

I noticed that too. I had downloaded the new pdate and went to practice. Ryan was throwing the ball very nice with the new update. But I went to play online and the old one was back up. WTH! Hopefully it's back up by now.

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Man I'm killing people online with the new roster up dates. Matt ryan finally has the deep ball and my pass rush is ridiculous. Not to mention I'm running all over people with turner. I think I've won 5 in a row, not to mention the aholes that disconnect on you. You can really tell the difference, I can actually run the ball with the burner.

some friendly advice...... On passing downs use babs and come off the line as quick as possible, if you can do that your pass rush will increase ten fold. I push up the middle and guys usually back up far enough for abe orJA98 to get em.......I can't remember the last time I blitzed. But I play cover two, I try to stay away from the big plays....It's working, drop your safeties a little farther back

If you can run the ball you will win

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