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Myron Rolle

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I know people on this board love Mays and Moore but what does everyone think of Myron Rolle. I know he doesn't have the measurables of Mays or the stats of Moore but Rolle looks like a really good player and a smart one. (has an interview for a Rhodes Scholarship) If the Falcons were to draft Rolle ahead of Mays (since unless the Falcons bomb out the rest of the season I doubt he will drop to them) would you be upset?

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yes, i'd be upset. mays is more of a football player than rolle. and he's a better football player as well. Myron Rolle is much more of a workout warrior than mays, and i HATE!!!! workout warriors. :angry:

hmmmm, getting your safeties confused some? Rolle will be nowhere near the workout warrior that Mays will be. Has Rolle's play suffered because of his work academically? Probably, but Rolle still has the talent to be a 1st round pick but to live up to that, he's got to be willing to dedicate himself to football at a minimum during the season, and he needs to give himself ample time in the offseason to train as well.

Mays is the more athletically gifted and will be the workout freak, and will probably be the one who rises above where he should be drafted based on his talent, not Rolle.

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