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The legend of Thomas Dimitroff

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Some legends of Thomas Dimitroff:

He has been known to eat steel, without ketchup or A1 sauce, and enjoy it.

He rode his bike around the world six times in one weekend, only stopping once to save India from an earthquake.

He does not brush hs hair because he does not have to.

Consults Superman on super hero stuff.

He can read the fine print on the space shuttle while it is in space.

His success with the Falcons has dropped the price of gas.

Anyone else know of Thomas Dimitroff legends?

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Sean Penn is his long-lost twin brother

He raised the Phenix from the ashes and then did the same for the Falcon

He brushes his teeth with muriatic acid and then rinses with pure moonshine

He has broken many a Bronco in his youth and will continue to do so this weekend

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Anyone else know of Thomas Dimitroff legends?

Thomas Dimitroff:

Ate thunder and crapped lightning years before Rocky Balboa

When playing college ball, actually completed 7 downfield passes to himself. In one game.

Once ran East to West so fast that he stopped the Earth's rotation for 6 minutes.

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He helps little old ladies cross the street by mental telepathy.

Once carried a dead duck into the draft and resurrected a mighty Falcon.

When he left New England he took Tom Brady's mojo; he keeps it in a golden container that he wears around his neck.

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