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Some Falcon Tib bits for you


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Bob (Atlanta): I can't believe I'm asking this but do you think the worst to first streak in the NFC South will continue Mort?

Chris Mortensen: (11:24 AM ET ) I am begining to wonder myself. I am so impressed by the Falcons that I now will not be surprised by anything they do the rest of the way. At the midway point, I believed the Panthers & Bucs were the teams to beat...and I still feel that way but not with great conviction. The Falcons' next two home games, vs. the Broncos & Panthers, should give us a good read.

Jeff (Atlanta):: Hey Chris, is Matt Ryan is the most impressive rookie quarterback since Ben Roethlisberger? Would it be crazy to think that he could not only lead the Falcons to the playoffs, but advance a round or two?

Chris Mortensen: (11:36 AM ET ) I think he's more impressive than Ben was as a rookie because Ben had a dominant defense (& running game). The Falcons have those elements but Ryan appears to be very special and you have to like what Mike Mularkey is doing as offensive coordinator. As far as playoffs, i addressed that ealier.

Tim (Boise): Would you take Matt Ryan or Jay Cutler if you were starting your team and had to choose? why?

Chris Mortensen: (11:47 AM ET ) Love the question. I'd probably say Cutler because his skills & toughness are rare. The upside is Hall of Fame material but Ryan looks like a special guy, too.

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I wouldn't trade Ryan for any QB in the league right now. He's nowhere near the best at this stage of his career, but he is very young and is only going to get better.

Denver plays in the 2nd worst division in football. Not a team in that division has a defense. However, put Cutler on the Minnesota Vikings and they probably go to the Super Bowl.

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