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2008 Power Rankings: Week 11


1 (1) Titans 9-0-0 Has a team ever set franchise records for most rushing yards in a game and fewest in a game within four games? The Titans nearly did. They had to throw to beat the Bears and they did, to great effect. (PK)

2 (2) Giants 8-1-0 This is a Super Bowl team. No way anyone in East catches the Giants. (MM)

3 (4) Panthers 7-2-0 Survived a challenge from the mighty Raiders. Next up: Detroit. Panthers have to load up on wins before schedule turns tough. (PY)

4 (3) Steelers 6-2-0 "Big Ben" is struggling, and so are the Steelers. Suddenly Pittsburgh has dropped two of three. (JW)

5 (5) Redskins 6-3-0 They need Clinton Portis to play Sunday. He'll answer the bell. (MM)

6 (7) Buccaneers 6-3-0 Bucs should be pretty healthy coming off the bye, and they might have Cadillac Williams back. But Adrian Peterson will be most talked-about runner in Tampa this week. (PY)

7 (12) Patriots 6-3-0 The Patriots keep marching forward. Matt Cassel has established himself as more than a proxy for Tom Brady. He's a legit NFL starter. (TG)

8 (10) Falcons 6-3-0 Still think they're a fluke? The Falcons seem to get better every single week. (PY)

9 (11) Jets 6-3-0 The Jets' defense is among the NFL's elite. The Jets stop the run, sack the quarterback and create huge turnovers. (TG)

10 (15) Colts 5-4-0 The Colts impressed with back-to-back wins over New England and Pittsburgh, results that could be monumental when wild cards are sorted out. (PK)

11 (8) Cardinals 6-3-0 Sloppy play wasn't enough to cost the Cardinals against the 49ers, but Arizona must improve. (MS)

12 (13) Ravens 6-3-0 Is this an offense-first team or a defense-first team? The Ravens are averaging 33.5 points the past four games. (JW)

13 (6) Eagles 5-4-0 Now 0-3 in the division. And that game against the Giants wasn't as close as the score indicated. (MM)

14 (9) Bears 5-4-0 Even Rex Grossman would fare well against the Bears' pass defense. (KS)

15 (17) Dolphins 5-4-0 The Dolphins escaped with a 21-19 victory over the Seahawks in their first of three straight home games. Dolphins have won three in a row for first time since 2006. (TG)

16 (19) Cowboys 5-4-0 The bye week couldn't have come at a better time. Tony Romo should give them a big lift. (MM)

17 (14) Bills 5-4-0 They've lost three straight divisional games and four of their past five overall. An advantage they have is one more "home" game than every other AFC East team -- except they're playing one in Toronto. (TG)

18 (20) Vikings 5-4-0 Minnesota faces a tough task this week in Tampa Bay, where the Vikings haven't won since 1997. (KS)

19 (22) Broncos 5-4-0 The Broncos are battered on defense and they have no running game. But they do have Jay Cutler. Will it be enough? (BW)

20 (21) Chargers 4-5-0 The Chargers were lucky to beat the Chiefs on Sunday. They'll need more than luck to beat Pittsburgh this Sunday. (BW)

21 (16) Packers 4-5-0 Something is missing this season in Green Bay. (KS)

22 (23) Jaguars 4-5-0 The Jags go from facing winless Detroit to undefeated Tennessee in the span of a week. With the likelihood of a playoff berth fading, the Jags handing the Titans their first loss could be a season-maker. (PK)

23 (18) Saints 4-5-0 Injuries keep piling up and it seems like the Saints are on the brink of having their season fall apart. But they do have a trip to Kansas City. (PY)

24 (24) Browns 3-6-0 Despite its season going down the drain, Cleveland has some solace: Brady Quinn shows great promise. (JW)

25 (25) Texans 3-6-0 The Texans just haven't figured out how to hold onto the ball. Odds are their best chance to beat the Colts came in the first matchup, when they folded late and gave the game away. (PK)

26 (28) 49ers 2-7-0 Offensive adjustments seemed to make the 49ers more competitive, a positive step despite MNF defeat. (MS)

27 (27) Seahawks 2-7-0 Seahawks must emphasize running game even after Matt Hasselbeck returns. (MS)

28 (26) Rams 2-7-0 Last two games offset any progress the Rams made in their first two games under Jim Haslett. (MS)

29 (31) Chiefs 1-8-0 One of these days the Chiefs are going to win another game. Really. We think. (BW)

30 (29) Bengals 1-8-0 The bye gave Cincinnati two weeks to celebrate its first victory. But how long will it take to get win No. 2? (JW)

31 (30) Raiders 2-7-0 It's been three weeks since Oakland last scored a touchdown. It's also been three weeks since Oakland won a game. (BW)

32 (32) Lions 0-9-0 Who will the Lions call out of retirement this week? Eric Hipple? (KS)

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