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Saints Player showing Matty Ice some love


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“He’s a good quarterback,” said Saints linebacker Scott Fujita. “He’s a good manager on the offense. He does a good job of working the clock as he comes to the line and he does a good job in the hurry-up mode.

“I’m not trying to compare anybody to Peyton Manning, but for somebody to do this that early in their career and have that much maturity and that much control of the offense and be able to dictate to us the things that they wanted to do, I was impressed with him—and frustrated and (ticked) off at the same time.”

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Ryan kinda reminds me of Roger Staubach. Never loses it on the field, almost never forces a pass where it doesn't belong. He always has a grip on the situation. It's unbeliveable that he never even saw a Falcon playbook until 7 months ago.

Clowny's right; the kid's so good now that the future is almost hard to comprehend.

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Ryan has been ahead of the curve since college...the pro style offense of BC groomed Ryan into the "promise" he's becoming now.

I believe Peyton Manning is the best QB in the league and I always knew that if we got a QB with the same work ethic as him, then we would be a serious force to reckon with in the NFL. I just never thought it'd be this soon. That's a huge compliment (especially coming from a defensive player like Fujita), but what's even better is that Ryan is being real humble and not succumbing to all the critiques and comparisons. That alone trickles down to the rest of the players and gives our team a great overall attitude.

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not to sound too Homerish.

But the majority of NFL qb's make the most progress in Year 3.

If Ryan is THIS GOOD NOW... Imagine what the Future Holds


I'm thinking Matt is unlike anyone else playing QB, he appears to be a definate trend setter. I am amazed at his control of the offense, he knows every position and where everybody should be, he moves anyone who might be out of position, into the correct places. Matt reads the defense and changes plays like a career veteran QB. Ryan has it between the ears, the guy literally KNOWS our entire playbook for every position, not just QB and receivers.

We are fortunate to have the next TREND SETTER in the QB position.

Matt Ryan is simply better than anyone could have dreamed.

How about his movement in and out of the pocket, his awareness of pressure is unlike any QB I have ever watched.

His bootleg is so good, if you watch he makes that bootleg movement on almost every play that he hands the ball offf.

By doing that I think he lulls defenses to sleep then he boots with the ball on that rollout, just an amazing athlete of 23 years old.

I am in awe of our QB. In the years coming young star QB's will be likened to Matt Ryan, not the current top level QBs.

Best of all, how mature can a 23 year old kid be? Matt's professionalism and maturity in interviews is simply beyond anyone's expectations.

I watched Matt and Colt Brennan a ton last year, I saw the VaTech game live, hoping we could get Matt. Never did I ever dream he would be the MAN that he already is, not just a great QB but a great MAN.

Terry Bradshaw got his eyes on Matt big time Sunday, until now maybe TB didn't take matt that serious. One comment from Bradshaw was that Ryan has 5 INTs, then TB said, "I had 24 INT's in my rookie year". Bradshaw seemed genuinely impressed with Matt Ryan.

Some place in ATL today, Arthur Blank must be smiling huge, as he should be!

I'm really happy for Mr Blank on this pick!

Let's also give credit to our FO and Coaches who have carefully CRAFTED this team to work like no other team I have ever watched.

Our defense is so SNEAKY GOOD without heralded super stars, just yet anyway.

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Not to mention, after we play the Broncos, Ryan will have surpassed the 2000-yard mark and begin his journey to a 3000-yard rookie year!

It's just great to watch this kid play, I'm still in awe, like, I still can't believe he's playing for the Falcons! It's unreal...

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Yup....Matty ice is the real deal......

If Matty Ice stats suppose to be even better then they are.......2 of his 5 int was misthrown fade TD passes.......

I am so happy to be wrong about the Dorsey and Matt Ryan draft thing........ I think Dorsey will be a good DT when he is surrounded by good D-Lineman plus a better scheme (not a read then react scheme) but nothing can compare to a Franchise QB.........

Being wrong has never felt so good

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I'm waiting for the things that will set him beyond the mannings and bradys of the world. I really think he has the ability to surpass them.

Surpass them?

Well I would not rule that out, but the way it is looking, Ryan will certianly be in their Class.

But regardless of Stats there is only one that really counts!

Just Win Baby!

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