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1. Eagles

2. Saints

3. Panthers

4. Buc's

5. Raiders

I personally don't like the Eagles at all, mainly because their our 'bogey' team, our first ever game was against them (we lost), our first playoff game was against them (we lost) and our second visit to the NFC Championship was against them (we lost), and they completely dashed our hopes of a wildcard entry in the 2006 season finale ( because we lost, against the Eagles!).

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1. Dallas

2. San Fran

3. Nawlins

4. Don't hate anyone else after that. TB would probably be next on the list, but they were so pathetic for so long, just can't bring myself to hate them. I still feel sorry for their worthless hides with the sherbert orange flaming pirate on their helmets.

who is that girl in your sig?

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