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Redskins out of Wild Card hunt.

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The Wild Card teams never have home field unless something weird happens and they both make it to the Championship game.


The league is actually looking into changing this rule so that if a wild card team has a better record then a divisional winner, then the game might be switched to be played at the wild card's home field...

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I thought that only two teams out of each division could make the playoffs. If I remember correctly, three teams from one division couldn't get in. I almost swear this is true. THat the third team is odd man out

This is not true. Just take last year, for example, The Skins, Cowboys and Giants all made it from the East. There was a lot of people thinking 3 teams from the East would go again this year. I think the Skins and the Panthers will be the wild cards this year with the Falcons winning the division. I think we win the division due to us beating both Tampa and Carolina in the Dome. I think the Falcons go 12-4. That's right. 12-4. Ryan will keep us in every game and teams will have to stop putting 8 in the box all the time. Then Turner will kill them for that. It's starting to get where they will have to pick their poison. Defense is stepping up big time too.

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It's gonna be Falcons, Bucs, or Eagles. Pick two. Washington has bowed out due to Cancer. (D. Hall)

Once he destroys that team, ATL needs to focus on beating divisional opponents at home, The NFC East will eat themselves alive and knock philly down.

Wild card picks. ATL and Philly.

Getting released may have humbled Hall into actually working hard and working within the system he's in. And he's one H### of a punt returner right now.

And the Falcons could go 10-6 and miss the playoffs.

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