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NFL Coach Approval Ratings - Week 10


Smith 94%

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Record: 6-3

Votes: 608 Falcons 34, Saints 20

tbaldowski: If you consider MVP as the person who helped their team the most, Turner should be on that list. Norwood is good, but I'm not sure he is consistant enough to be a featured back. Turner is. He makes the offense better because defenses have to respect his ability. That allows Ryan to have more openings in the passing game.

orionsax2121: Norwood has a streak in him that came out when he got the spotlight in college. It will show up. Vote


Sparano 93%

Team: Miami Dolphins

Record: 5-4

Votes: 529 Dolphins 21, Seahawks 19

CMcg1313: I don't know why when we're in such a pinch and need short yardage we don't go into that formation all the time. Pennington just showed us the liability in such a siutation with him at the helm. Don't mind him throwing it, but our odds are better getting 2+ with Ronnie-Ricky than with Chad. Vote


Fisher 93%

Team: Tennessee Titans

Record: 9-0

Votes: 561 Titans 21, Bears 14

steelersownsbrowns: Its makes me wonder what the overall talent of the teams in this league when this horrible team is 9-0.

johnson24-mj: So if we are overrated, what does it mean for the rest of the league? Vote


Coughlin 92%

Team: New York Giants

Record: 8-1

Votes: 359 Giants 36, Eagles 31

noahdiggs: Patriots fan here. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the Giants. Eli Manning has emerged as a top QB in the league.

gigantesfanaticos: Giants haven't even played their best football. The running game was great, but I still think the passing attack is underrated. Once Eli starts getting the ball downfield to Plaxico, Smith, Toomer, Boss, and Hixon, then we'll really see how good the Giants really can be. Also, they need to improve the "green zone" offense; can't keep getting field goals. Vote


Zorn 90%

Team: Washington Redskins

Record: 6-3

Votes: 251 Bye week for Redskins! Vote


Whisenhunt 90%

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Record: 5-3

Votes: 138 Recap available Tuesday morning! Vote


Mangini 86%

Team: New York Jets

Record: 6-3

Votes: 636 Jets 47, Rams 3

YankeesJets2375: Mangini is showing a lot of faith in Kellen Clemens. Hey, somebody has to hold that clipboard.

Summonmaster: Why the heck were the Jets' starters still in this game? Vote


Tomlin 85%

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 6-3

Votes: 1,273 Colts 24, Steelers 20

matchew318: They deserve to get booed for not realizing the clock was running and they were on 4th. Stupid.

TigerWooooo: Wow. Horrible play calling and time management to end that game. Steelers need change behind the center. Vote


Fox 82%

Team: Carolina Panthers

Record: 7-2

Votes: 220 Panthers 17, Raiders 6

rwilliamsforpresident: This may serve as one of those "wake up" games (that you normaly have to lose) that a team needs to keep them out of the kool-aid. D. Williams gets the game ball. UGLY WIN.



Gruden 79%

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 6-3

Votes: 143 Bye week for Buccaneers! Vote


Dungy 78%

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Record: 5-4

Votes: 213 Colts 24, Steelers 20

fishfanforlife123: The Colts just keep on breathing. Vote


Belichick 77%

Team: New England Patriots

Record: 6-3

Votes: 444 Patriots 20, Bills 10

JayBayisBallin44: The Patriots just have to work on their red zone offense.

TremorsNH: Remember when every hater made fun of our QB? Don't see much of that anymore. Vote


Singletary 71%

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Record: 2-6

Votes: 140 Recap available Tuesday morning! Vote


Shanahan 69%

Team: Denver Broncos

Record: 5-4

Votes: 216 Broncos 34, Browns 30

hawkfan4life1976: Denver might be the worst 5-4 team in the history of the league. IF this team makes the playoffs because of their soft schedule, they are going to get killed by someone in the first round. Vote


Smith 52%

Team: Chicago Bears

Record: 5-4

Votes: 382 Titans 21, Bears 14

chitownhoops305: Orton is actually an NFL QB, Grossman is a complete joke. He missed Rasheed Davis open at least 3 times. He's always off balance and completely stinks. Dont say we're not Bear fans because we hate Rex; intelligent fans see its clear that if Orton had played we probably would have won.

delacemi: I had to stop watching our offense in the SB. I just couldn't stand watching that fool give the game away. He's a one man wrecking crew.... for his own team. Vote


Del Rio 52%

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 4-5

Votes: 99 Jaguars 38, Lions 14

Mikey_O: The Jaguars were a sure thing this week. Vote


Kubiak 50%

Team: Houston Texans

Record: 3-6

Votes: 2 b>Ravens 41, Texans 13

Nate18412: The Texans are just toying with my emotions. Vote


Payton 49%

Team: New Orleans Saints

Record: 4-5

Votes: 1,375 Falcons 34, Saints 20

JohnDoe1881: The Saints are a perennial garbage underachieving team. And this season shows it yet again. So much for a team that was expected to blow their division away!

lukin8888: The Saints are a sitting duck. Weak at best. Vote


Haslett 45%

Team: St. Louis Rams

Record: 2-7

Votes: 98 Jets 47, Rams 3

J0nathanCliff: Haslett is an idiot. He last minute switched up his entire week of practice with Darby and decides to give the ball to Pittman in the beginning for horrible results. His team obviously isn't playing hard. Something's wrong, Turnovers are mental mistakes.

eckesg1: This is when you know you are not going to win today: When you have a potential first down and the ref gets in the way of the pass. Vote


Childress 36%

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Record: 5-4

Votes: 768 Vikings 28, Packers 27

FeGaJr: AP was impressive and Aaron Rodgers wasn't, plain and simple. If I were a Vikings fan I'd be pretty happy, Minnesota beating the Packers has become a rarity, but hey, it had to happen sometime, right? Vote


Edwards 34%

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-8

Votes: 1,398 Chargers 20, Chiefs 19

Bjorgo1: Can someone from the 34% of you who think Herm is doing a good job explain this to me? A defensive coach who's been putting this defense together since the day he got here and its only regressed to a Vermeilesque state, except we get no offense to go with it.

Sdctitans: This guy is trying to squeeze wins out of a lame football team. He's doing the best he can. "Hello!! He plays -- to win -- the game!!" His team just stinks right now.

YankeesJets2375: What is Herm doing, playing for better draft position?

papilgee4evaeva: That was the most boneheaded coaching call today! Vote


Phillips 33%

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Record: 5-4

Votes: 396 Bye week for Cowboys! Vote


Reid 30%

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 5-4

Votes: 195 Giants 36, Eagles 31

mleatherwood: I think it's time for a coaching change in Philly. The play calls just aren't cutting it these days and isn't giving the team a legitimate chance to win. It'll be the Giants to the Bowl once again; however, if they have an injury to a key player (i.e. Manning, some lineman, etc.) like most other teams in the NFL have had this year, it could be a different story.



Holmgren 25%

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Record: 2-7

Votes: 110 Dolphins 21, Seahawks 19

drakes88: seattle...wow, this is a poor display of how to close a game out. Against the texans we allowed this to happen too. Vote


Jauron 25%

Team: Buffalo Bills

Record: 5-4

Votes: 272 Patriots 20, Bills 10

Pats_Fan_From_Ohio: What happened to all those Bills fans who were polishing the AFC East trophy already, or who called for a blowout in this game? Vote


McCarthy 24%

Team: Green Bay Packers

Record: 4-5

Votes: 353 Vikings 28, Packers 27

GBPackFD25: McCarthy has some pretty terrible playcalling. Favre's improvisation bailing McCarthy's playcalling out being gone is starting to show. Vote


Turner 22%

Team: San Diego Chargers

Record: 4-5

Votes: 1,188 Chargers 20, Chiefs 19

UMDeeMan: The Chargers are probably the MOST overrated team in the league.

vonstev: Chargers, you're underperforming like I've never seen. But you deserve that after the Denver injustice. Vote


Lewis 21%

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 1-8

Votes: 150 Bye week for Bengals! Vote


Cable 16%

Team: Oakland Raiders

Record: 2-7

Votes: 1,215 Panthers 17, Raiders 6

UMDeeMan: Probably the worst coached and QB'd game I have ever seen.

michaelHuff_24: The Raider defense played extremely well for their offense to play so bad. Vote


Crennel 15%

Team: Cleveland Browns

Record: 3-6

Votes: 304 Broncos 34, Browns 30

nittibanf007: Quinn looked great, if there was more than one player on our defense last night you need to let me know what his number was. Only one I noticed when he is in there is 92. Everyone else looks like teenagers playing with men. Given the generic playbook that Quinn had last night I think he did awesome.

chathlete882221: Congrats, Browns, on losing to a team without almost half its starting defense, and no running backs. Vote


Marinelli 13%

Team: Detroit Lions

Record: 0-9

Votes: 272 Jaguars 38, Lions 14

JJONES057: I bet after the championship college bowl, the top elite players are praying that they won't be going to Detroit next year. I dont think top players are concerned about the money situation, they will get theirs. Just don't want to play in Detriot, and ruin their credibilitiy, their fame, etc.

ebgio: The Lions must focus on building a decent defense in the upcoming draft. As long as the defense is this bad they cannot win. Even in the games where the offense clicks the opposition invariably generates a long scoring drive late to put the game away. Vote

nice and well deserved..

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