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Brian Baldinger flat out "SLAMS" Raiders' organization....


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Here is an interesting, to say the least, article I found on NFL.com. Playbook's Brian Baldinger answered fans' questions earlier today and here is what his response was to a Raiders fan...................

Robert Sherwin, England 03:39 PM ET

Hiya Brian I'm a Raiders fan i am worried about our team do you think they can win anymore games? And do you think they can perhaps in 2010 and beyond get back to their winning ways?

Brian Baldinger, NFL.com

The quarterback can't play. He's a bust. Darren McFadden is a bust. He won't stay healthy in this league. He's had only one good game. They have drafted poorly. They are easily scouted. The defense plays schemes that don't make sense. They play the ends out wide, and play the safeties too deep. Al Davis always believes that you have a deep safety, but Atlanta exploited that with Michael Turner. And to just see how bad Russell is, you have to look at what Matt Ryan did in that game. Russell just doesn't know what he is doing.


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yea me too i do feel sorry for there fans though

Not me, I wish the same pain and suffering on all the other teams not named the Falcons as well. :D Besides, a lot of Raider fans I've seen are a-holes anyway, and I get a warm feeling inside thinking about thier heads hung in shame while wearing those rediculous Halloween costumes. :lol:

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