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SHHH...we can't talk about it


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he gave us the Raiders playbook when he had some players over

lol i wonder what he conversation was like.

d-hall: Im glad you guys came to oakland to hill with me.... ME- Hall

Jenkins:yeah man I went to see the oracle and she said she sees burnin in my future so i guess i only got a little time to live

d-hall: how say you say my name


Milloy: So how do you like your new secondary CHUMP?

d-HALL:... (BEGINS TO BREAK DOWN) sob* it sucks!!!!!!!!! we cant win a friggin game while you guys are the story of the league sob.. sob sob... antd to make it worst you had your best draft class - other than when i was drafted- in years from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wahhhhhhhh.

Jenkins: Uhm bruh i got a text from the oracle and she said that she made a mistake you were the on who's gonna get burnt

D-hall: FU** I hate miss cleo heres the playbook save me save me

jenkins, Milloy Coach smith <_<

Mora: :rolleyes:

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