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D. Hall released from the Raiders.


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i seriously hope so, i know alot of people wouldnt like it but i think Mike Smith and this new staff would be able to control him

I would be on board with it myself. I think he would fit nicley here again but for some reason i feel like he will be a Buc

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hopefully not a buc, i mean if hes a buc yea we would see Roddy beat him constantly but i think him and Houston here would form a really good Tandem, specially since Houston is getting better amnd im sure since getting cut by Oak i bet Hall is going to be willing to show how good he truly is

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He won't come back to Atlanta that's for sure. I would love to have his skills back, but seriously, there is no way Smith and Dimitroff will risk messing up the great chemistry the team is building upon right now.

Hall has done nothing to show he's matured with the Raiders. He wanted to get paid, he got paid, but he still ran his mouth and got in trouble. The new Falcons are better off without players like that.

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