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Big Change in Team - Happiness

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I was watching some highlights of our team and noticed something... they look happy. All the time. I haven't seen that in a while now - not on this team or many others.

I know I work much better and more efficient when I am happy - and this Falcons team seems very happy right now. They congratulate each other - they are satisfied with each other - and NO ONE calls out a bad play by another player. I've seen nothing but support for every player - down to the last string players.

I have listened to Mike Smith's press-conferences after the games and he is the reason this team plays like this. The players WANT to play for HIM. I truly feel like they are playing so hard because they feel he is THE coach to make this team great.

I know this is easy to point out now - but I had this feeling during training camp - now this team just proves the point. I think other teams will use us as an example of what a great team morale is for quite a few years.

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