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Russell / Ryan from ESPN


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Whole article

Highlights for the lazy:

When Atlanta's Matt Ryan roundly outplayed Russell on Sunday in a meeting of the top two quarterbacks from the past two drafts, the sequence boldly underscored one of the basic differences between them.

Without putting too fine a point on it? Ryan's the one who showed up for camp.

Russell's six-month contract "negotiation" with the Raiders last year can be circular-filed at the team's Alameda headquarters, along with -- apparently -- most of the offensive playbook. :lol:

For the record, Russell's teammates haven't given up on him, and they stood behind the quarterback again after he recorded a 19.0 rating against the Falcons by completing 6 of 19 passes for 31 yards. (Ouch)

Yes, there's still the thought that Russell is too gifted athletically -- and too beefy a specimen

When the Falcons used the No. 3 overall pick in this year's draft on Ryan, it almost appeared as if they had taken a class devoted to the study of the Raiders' downfall. Virtually the first thing they did, from owner Arthur Blank on down, was make sure that Ryan got signed and in uniform. All parties made it happen. Understanding that Ryan's progress for the 5-3 Falcons right now has pleasantly surprised everybody involved, it's still worth noting that he was a player who was part of the team structure, and the team chemistry, from the very start.

The Raiders are in such tatters now -- their fans are down to rooting for Michael Vick to get out of prison so he can be signed.

There, now you don't have to read it :-)

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Russel is going to have to learn to trust his arm. His recievers will have to learn to give a $hit. They really looked like they didn't care what happened.

He's got to trust his o line too but with those tackles he has blocking for him that's some hard shat to do. Did you see his LT Sunday? He has absolutely NO reason being in the NFL, it was ridiculous.

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