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Kinda wishin' Dimitrioff was insightful enough to pick Chris Horton in the 7th Round instead of Wilfrey...

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You never know.... Thomas Decoud may be that type of safety....... Horton got his chance because of injury......

The 2 players that i really wanted (before the draft) was Guard Carl Nicks and DE Trevor Scott..... Carl Nicks is starting for the saints and Trevor Scott sacked us

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I was a big Dorsey supporter during the draft. Dim's insight is exceptional. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong and I'm sure he will make up for Horton 20 fold.

Heck, we might eve luck up on an Eric Berry type player.

I trust his judgment.

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yeah - the draft's a hit or miss, you win some you lose some. Horton is a phenomenal player, but it's difficult to gauge if he would have the same success in Atlanta. We certainly don't have the level of corners that Washington does and he's playing alongside Landry instead of Coleman.

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