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The Official I HATE THE SAINTS Thread


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I cant wait to bump this thread when we pound into the georgia dome turf. Anybody wanna take a guess on the over/under of

saints fans in the dome this weekend. Should be fun and we love you guys just as much as you love us. :rolleyes:

Why would bumping this thread mean anything? I'll still hate the Saints on Sunday. No matter what happens in the game, that won't change.

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Ever since I was a young kid, I have hated the Saints. I remember the 2-12 seasons where the only high point of the season was beating the Aints. I hate when New Orleans fans flood the dome on game day. I hate their "Who-dat" and "Cha-ching". I just can stand anything having to do with the Saints. Period.

Hate on Brother Hal!

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First of all...let me say that I have been reading this and it just inspired me to join and post. I will start by saying that apparently, I am more man than 99% of you because I can say that I respect your team. I dislike them a great bit, but I respect them still. A lot of the reason for the respect is the fact that your team has had similar struggles as my Saints. I also have to admit, you guys landed a stud in Matt Ryan. Now, I understand the rivalry and the hatred for the team... but the players? You dumb ***** on here (you know who you are) know good and well you would cut off your pinkie toe for Reggie Bush or Drew Brees... so to say that they suck? Whatever. Talking about the hurricane and the ****** city and fans is just plain wrong. I live about an hour from New Orleans, but I work for the US Marshals, and I was in New Orleans the day after Katrina... it was sad. There were bad people there just like there were good people there, but until you guys know what it's like to man up in a crisis situation, you can **** yourself. Doing what we did yo save other people isn't a Louisiana thing, it's a MAN thing, and to hear people use that day for redicule is wrong. I know all Falcon fans aren't like that, but this board is overrun with them. Again, I know there are ****** people from New Oreleans, but there are good people too. So don't stereotype. My roommate in the academy lives in Peachtree, and to hear the stories about when he worked for Atlanta PD... let's just say that you guys aren't short in the "good for nothing thug" category. With that being said, I hope we win, but I do repect your team.

Reggie Bush does suck though

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