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The Official I HATE THE SAINTS Thread


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There are 32 nfl teams....I like the Falcons and I dont have a 2nd favorite and never will....they are all enemys.

I hate Dallas the most. 1980 vs Dallas was the worse defeat I have ever had to stomach. 30 years later and that defeat still haunts me.

This year...they are 0-2 and favored to lose at Houston. Dallas 0-3...beautiful!

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Ever since I was a young kid, I have hated the Saints. I remember the 2-12 seasons where the only high point of the season was beating the Aints. I hate when New Orleans fans flood the dome on game day. I hate their "Who-dat" and "Cha-ching". I just can stand anything having to do with the Saints. Period.

I hate 'em especially that mole on Brees' face

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