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The Official I HATE THE SAINTS Thread


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Ever since I was a young kid, I have hated the Saints. I remember the 2-12 seasons where the only high point of the season was beating the Aints. I hate when New Orleans fans flood the dome on game day. I hate their "Who-dat" and "Cha-ching". I just can stand anything having to do with the Saints. Period.

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My feeling of the saints is its a heated rivalry, that at its root is based out of respect. We are brothers in struggle. For pure unadulterated hate I'd have to point to the bucs.

Ditto. I dislike the Ain'ts. Don't mind sporting the avatar for unity, but my dislike for the Saints can nowhere near match my unbridled, unfettered, seething hate for the Bucs. :)

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Yeah my fondest memory as a Falcon fan was in 1980/1981 (can't remember which year), driving from Pensacola to New Orleans for the game. Atl trailed 14-0 at halftime and rallied for 44/45 unanswered pts in the 2nd half, man, Bart and the boys caught fire.... Let's

hope for a repeat performance :D:D


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