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Sam Baker a slow healer ?

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He had surgery in his rookie year. IDK why im the only one it seems that is more than midly concerned about this turn of events.

Lets not forget that a concussion can happen at any time in this game. His back could be a pre-existing injury that got worse since college.

(also this IS his rookie year. Who knows what will happen later on? If he gets hurt ever again or if he doesn't. we don't know.)

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You are basing this on an article written by the AJC, and by directly saying that Warrick dunn is the same physically as Sam Baker.

Get over yourself, you idiot.

I have no idea why you brought Dunn into this? He is reported to be out 4 weeks by the coach.

you calling me an idiot.....funny.

do you even take time to sit back and look at your sig and your posts? it would make it much clearer why they are filled with people calling you dumb if you did.

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Did you know that the question mark at the end of my thread title denotes that I am asking a question? <just like I did here.

Don't you hate when you try an elementary insult, but you screw it up? <that's another one.

For some strange crazy reason, I think this title is more of an insinuation than a question. Call me crazy. :blink: Nice try though.

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Woah, cool way to spell 'civic' and 'outcast' ... awesome. Very creative. "Lets go listen to korn and paint our nails black too. Society is such a downer, I hate corporate America. I'm so depressed."

What a nerd.

Wow, you stoop to a new low. BIGGEST TOOL EVER. Please, stop. Your going to make me cry. :lol::lol:

How about defending your statements with valid points. You don't even deserve to have Jesse Tuggle in your name. What a shame.

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I can feel my IQ dwindling as I put up a one sided argument with you. I am going to leave you alone, and am going to do something more constructive like pick my nose or take a poop. You are my new BFF!

Its good that you are so high on yourself. Most depressed teenagers aren't like that. You are different though. You truly are the Dylan Klebold of these boards.

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