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Has Foxworth officailly taken Grimes starting spot?


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First of all, you have no idea what the guy wants. Not every CB in the league is trying to be the highest paid player ever.

Secondly, the guy's decent but far from talented enough to demand a huge contract. If he was a good enough CB to demand a huge contract, Denver never would've let him go. If he plays well the rest of the season, we may offer him something like 5years/$15-18 mil.

First of all he's in a contract year, does that need to be explained to you?

Secondly he was stuck behind Dre Bly and Champ Bailey making him a luxury for Denver which they felt they didn't need. He was brought in here to see if he was worth signing long term. We find out first hand what he can do rather then seeing how he does on another team and signing him in the off season. If he does well and is a good locker room influence, I'm sure the Falcons will try to resign him. He was a starter in Denver for awhile but getting Dre Bly left Foxworth without a starting job. Signing Foxworth isn't in the Falcon's control because he will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season leaving all the power with Foxworth to sign where ever he feels like signing. Just because the Falcons are starting to win doesn't mean we are guaranteed to resign him. Just because we offer a lot of money doesn't mean we will be able to sign him. He could opt to go to a team like the Patriots or Giants for less money but a better chance to reach the Super Bowl sooner rather then later.

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When we traded a draft pick for Foxworth it was not with the intention of letting him walk at the end of the season. We will make a concerted effort to resign him and rightfully so.

agreed.....if Foxy plays well the rest of the season - Falcons will prioritize to try and re-sign him - if he's a good lockerroom guy as well......no room for any "me-first" players like MeAngelo.......

how refreshing that he is no longer on this team........we can breathe again....

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I hope so. He was so much better in the Eagles game than Grimes has ever been.

How can you make that assesment when the pash rush was hardly around during the games Grimes played in minus 1-2 games. And McNabb was not particularly sharp that game either over throwing receivers and under throwing them as well, lol. I believe Foxworth is the better cornerback for now because of his experience but in a year or two Grimes may be just as talented as he gains experience. The game against Philly & Oakland Abe had constant pressure and the other guys on the DL stepped their game up (JA, most notably) and the safety's have also raised their game the last 2-3 ball games thus allowing the team to improve upon the pass defense. The tell of the tape will be against New Orleans which has a pretty good OL and a **** of an accurate QB, not to mention a lot of good receivers.

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