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Who do we Draft to be our PR next year


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After seeing Adam Jennings on the sidelines today I felt a sense of relief. But that soon faded as I watched a nervous rookie Harry Douglas allowing one to bounce on the 30 yrd line only to roll to the 12 instead of calling for a fair catch. Then to see Finneran back there I just shook my head.

Against better teams they will start to exploit this and we will find our self pinned deep in our own territory. Norwood isn't the answer since he is becoming more of a factor in the offense. I really don't know what the answer is but with the upcoming schedule we will need good field position against our competition. Here is hoping Harry Douglas can get comfortable back there quickly.

Looking at next year this has to be a priority either through free agency or the draft. Any opinions on who is coming out of college or entering free agency you would love to see fielding our punts and solving our PR issue as Elam did with our FG's ?.

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we don't necessarily need to draft one.

i won't give up on douglas yet. the raiders have one of the best punters in the league, so maybe it was because of efficient punting.

it was douglas' first game returning punts, so yeha...

and if we needed a PR, we can find one in the FA. not too many impressive PRs in the college game where we'd be in position to draft them. none are eye-popping. maybe malcolm jenkins or darius butler, but unless we want to reach for butler, we won't be able to draft him IMO because he will be gone by the time we pick in the second round. and malcolm jenkins i projected is a top 10 pick.

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well, from what i saw and think, Oakland seemed to be kicking tha ball short on purpose. A lot of their punts were coming up short and taking beautiful bounces to get deep into our territory. I'd rather have us get tha ball deep in our territory than to give tha ball back to our opponents because of a fumbled punt.

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