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Sense when does Oakland have two O's?


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This game we just witnessed was a treat to watch, but during it I realized "its the raiders". It kind of reminds me of how people a few weeks ago said "titans are only undefeated because of their schedule", so im going to use their answer, we can't change the schedule.

Hopefully next week @ home it will carry over and remain dominant with the clock. Saints have a little bit of a tougher defense but keep in mind the suspension's are coming soon on their 2 defensive lineman and Deuce which could help a lot. Our DB's did amazing out there, but they also didn't throw many times (19) and most were short pass's to RB's and TE's.

Lets hope we can start early next week like we did this week and try to contain Drew Brees, but enough of that- lets be happy about this win before we talk about our next game too much.

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