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Everytime snelling gets the ball on the short screen for third and long, or jsut an up the gut on third down, it seems like he breaks three of four tackles each time before he goes down.

Was i the only one holding my breath hoping he would break one to the house so he can get his first NFL touchdown.

I feel bad for saying this, but I am kinda glad thomas brown got hurt so we could keep snelling. He is very shifty for a big guy and I think will be solid for us if one of our others get hurt.

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No, I was really hoping we'd keep running to try to get him a TD there at the end. :lol:

I can't believe Petrino cut him last season. The Cowboys almost took him away from us!

i remember that, dallas tried to sign him from our practice squad, but snelling said he wanted to stay here in atlanta. Which from everything i heard about last seasons coaching staff and the attitude around here was surprising. i'm glad we kept him though.

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