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Halfway-we are 5-3


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Now we bring the Dome stretch into play, be there be LOUD!

picked to go 1-15, this is an amazing 1st half record.

I'll never buy another Sporting News for the rest of my life. The shame of that is Orlando Ledbutt (Ledbetter) the AJC guy wrote that prediction and team analysis for The Sporting News.

Good call there Ledbutt.....you have any stock tips?

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It should be 6-2. Man does that blown call against Jennings blow. The way matt ryan was playing and the momentum in that philly game would have led us to 7 points and a win. I'll take 5-3 but 6-2 should be our record if not for blown calls. NFL needs to do something about these poor ref calling.

I'm talking "what we ARE not what we might have been"

The what might have been is over!

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