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Remember this is a rebuilding year

Crazy Trav

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Everyone keeps criticizing the defense, or jennings, or turner. Have we forgotten that this is the year where we evaluate and play tough. Yes i would like to see Nicholas instead of Brooking and yes i would like to see douglas rather than jennings but i always remind myself we are doing excellent so far. Most of the coaches are still evaluating every single player. My uncle used to be a defensive line coach for the titans in 1997 and he tells me that most coaches will know the pros, cons, efficient plays, depth, and drive of their players until half way through the season. Especially if the coach is new, once we've played a few home games and show what our team is made of im not going to judge the attributes of the players, the plays of the coaches, or the mistakes of our team.

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Rebuilding year went out the window after we beat Chicago and Green Bay. We are now competitors. And this is not KC, we are looking for who will win, not who will win in 5 years. We have too much talent to have this be a rebuilding year.

Kind of crazy, but we went 4-12 last year, and if we had a better FG kicker, we would be 6-10, and that is with our starting QB, with no backup, in what have you, and a coach who couldn't coach himself straight out of his own azz. We have the talent on this team, and it is showing, and that is why we are not really in a rebuilding year. 2-5, we are rebuilding. 4-3, we are competitors. And I love that we are seriously competitors.

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i agree.... but yooo...its no excuse for jennings......

If anyone criticize Turner.... they are crazy....... A RB will not rush for 100 yards every game.... The reason why the play action work so good for us is because teams respect Turner

i agree, plus w/o turner we arent 4-3 right now. he carried us past DET, scored 19 pts against KC and had the game winning TD run against GB and also picked up the key first down.

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