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This week in "Statz" - #8


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Complete randomness this week...

-Jennings is 17th all time for Falcons punt return average for guys with 10+ returns....17 out of 22.

-Matt Ryan, currently, is 2nd all time in best ratio of pass attempts to interceptions...only 2.4%....which is only 2nd to, surprisingly, one Joseph Harrington.

-Norwood's career YPC is 2nd all time as a Falcon, only being 2nd to...you guess it, Michael Vick.

-Roddy White is 11th all time as a Falcon in receiving yards.

His 2007 campaign was the 5th best ever as a Falcon....and is on pace to destroy the #1 record held by Alfred Jenkins(1358 yards) with a 1552 yard campaign. Good luck RW.

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