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Deion Sanders

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for a team he played for and a city that cheered him on, he sure is quick to shoot something about us down, never thought about it much until this post.

I agree. He was one of my favorite players but him playing for the Cowboys was awful. Not so much the Niners because I have always liked the Niners because they always did things the right way.

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Deion is just a hater,his beloved Cowboys are not playing well,so he attacks us because he is a avid MV fan and thinks we owe him.

He is the opra of football or so he thinks.

He will never praise Atlanta for anything we do anything positive said about us he negates as we might be this record but its not that same as this other team crap.

Ray Charles saw that Jennings didn't touch the ball,so let Deion go on and be Deion.

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I dont care if Neon Deion likes the falcons or who he chooses for his top ten plays, or if he talks good about us or not. Its not like the Falcons are gonna win the Super Bowl if Deion starts giving us respect and shows us some love.

Deion is pretty funny though. The primetime song Snoop did for him sucks though, it sucks to high heaven.

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You must not watch him much. He always finds a way to devalue what the Falcons do.

One of my favorite things to watch on the NFLN. Maybe Im not analyzing what he says enough. <_<

They rarely even speak of the Falcons but Deion usually has more good things to say than bad and the bad things are usually true.

He has said

Mike Smith is a very good head coach

Matt Ryan is a very good QB

John Abraham might be the best DE in the league

Roddy belongs in the Probowl

Brent Grimes Shouldnt be starting and the falcons defense has potential just inconsistent

Turner will win the rushing title

Norwood is one of the best kept secrets in the league and going to get his money

All stuff we have said.

I hope they give Deion, Warren, Jamie, and Rich a show where they just about football not necessarily analyze a game..

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He just continues to amaze me with his hate of the Falcons. I'm just watching the highlites because I didn't see them last night and he said that Jennings touched the ball. He said do you think he went back to the sideline and told the coach he touched the ball?

He is the worst analyst of all the NFL 'experts' - regardless of the network

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