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Roddy White

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Player quotes.

On what happened on the fade pass that was intercepted by CB Asante Samuel:

“We had worked on that fade pass all week in practice and Matt threw it up there and really I should have batted the ball down. I think on that play, I had the responsibility to help him out. We thought we were going to put some points on the board and we let it get away from us. I put that play on myself, because I really should have knocked that down.”

I like this guy more and more every week.

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He is exactly the type of player we need on this team. Good talent, works hard and is a team player that takes some responsibility for bad things happening.

That throw was pretty much 100% Ryan's fault but Roddy is helping his QB out. This will translate into good team chemistry and these two will go a long way together.

Yeah, after 7 games he is in the elite company of NFL receivers right now.

It's amazing when you have team players how everybody makes everybody else look good.

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Wow that something I expect a leader to say. I'm proud of Roddy, not only has he turned into a top notch receiver in the league but he's a team player and accepts responsibility (not that the fade was his fault by any means). We better sign this guy to an extension real soon... the longer we wait the more he costs!

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