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Big Grady


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Grady's Agent said today that he won't be suspended.

I am 35 lbs over weight, my Dr prescribed water pills.

I am sure Grady has a perescription for what he is taking, most likely to control Grady's blood pressure.

If Grady didn't take something for blood pressure he would already be dead.

Anybody over weight has blood pressure problems, water pills are blood pressure medicine.

I take them every day as do millions of Americans. If you don't take them now, wait until you hit 50, that will be one of the first meds you take for the rest of your life.

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I bet Grady is getting sick of getting picked on for being fat. The guy has had to suffer through it all his life, and he's trying to do something about it. What a joke. Like I said before, unless they can produce results for the players involved in the dieuretic scandal that are positive for steroids or illicit drugs, I really don't think they should be suspended, and I'm not talking about just Grady. I'm talking about all players involved. This is a joke. Nearly every one of them are overweight, and have weight clauses in their contract, or the ones I've seen that's been the case.

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