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Mikey Henderson>>Adam jennings


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I haven't liked AJ since he was drafted and he's done nothing to warrant that he is an NFL player. The Falcons need to tell BVG to call up Coach Richt and see what Mikey Henderson is doing or Thomas Flowers b/c those guys can actually return a punt and Henderson though 5'8 can actually catch a freakin ball. I mean if he can catch a rocket from Matt Stafford then he can catch anything thrown from any other QB. Plus he's a freakin blazer dude runs like a 4.3 and isn't scared or timid. Why was this guy(AJ) even drafted again?

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I maybe be a slight home but i'm a realistic homer. I truly believe either he would be better than AJ. It's not like i'm going out on a limb and saying their the next Hester or such but we need to do something. I get nervous everytime the other team punts and it should be the opposite not me thinking "I hope he just catches the ball".

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